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My Favorite Restaurant in The Villages

What an amazing show! With dinner cooked right in front of you. This Hibachi style dinner was absolutely delicious with fresh ingredients and a masterful chef who made cooking a theatrical performance. Sukuro restaurant delivered in atmosphere, affordability and amazing food.

First off I am a pizza and grilled cheese kind of eater. So eating at a Japanese restaurant wasn't something that I would ever pick. We went with friends and I was so pleasantly surprised. I had been to a Hibachi restaurant but the chef at Sukuro raised the bar. So much so, that I filmed him. It is definitely a dining experience where the cooking becomes the show and you forget about waiting for your food as you see and smell it being cooked in front of you. If you are a foodie, don't miss this experience.

The cost was less than $20 per meal which can't be beat combined with the theatrical show and squirts of saki for the diners. The food was fresh, hot and savory with wonderful sauces, cooked to perfection.

Sakuro is my favorite restaurant at the Villages and I can't wait to go back!

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